: Winter 2009 :

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Sarah Arvio, Salmat
James Longenbach, An Examination of the Poet in a Time of War
Shara McCallum, “Either I’m Nobody or I’m a Nation”: Derek Walcott’s Poetry
Lenny Emmanuel, Mark Strand and Lenny Emmanuel at The Trestle
Edward Hirsch, A Tribute to Gerald Stern
Myra Sklarew, Agnus Mopus, or Writing Out the Body of Our Work
Joelle Biele, “Like Working Without Really Doing It”: Elizabeth Bishop’s Brazil Letters and Poems
Jennifer ClarvoePoetry and Repetition
Jeffrey Herrick, Swin and Burn with Swinburne
Chris Mason, Bright Lyre Becomes Voice — Translating Sappho into Songs
John Taylor, The Poetic Prose of Pierre-Albert Jourdan
Jerome McGann, Eunoia: Beauty or Truth (or What?)
Charles Holdefer, “Shaving Cream” and Other Mind Phymes
David Caplan, Reduced to Rhyme: On Contemporary Doggerel
David Lehman, How Rich


Greg Wrenn, Pontiff
Jennifer Clarvoe, Mi Ritrovai
Alice Fulton, Black Salve
Alice Fulton,Call Me You-Boat
Ghassan Zaqtan, tr. by Fady Joudah, Everything as It Was
Stephen Yenser, American Pastoral
John M. Anderson, Iran and Syria: Loomings (James McNeil Whistler, 1866)
David Caplan, For the Washing of Hands
James Longenbach, Three Epitaphs
Myra Sklarew, Birth
Myra Sklarew, Moses Sent Me
Gerald Stern, Against Whistling
Gerald Stern, February 22
Gerald Stern, Stoop
Pierre-Albert Jourdan, tr. by John Taylor, From Fragments
David Lehman, Avian Hymns
Jeffrey Herrick, Birr Burr
Jeffrey Herrick, Only: A Story

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry TodayGerman Poetry beyond Rilke, Benn and Brecht