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Antioch Review: Survival of the Imagination

"This documentary video dates from our 50th Anniversary. Some things have changed, some things have not."

-- Robert S. Fogarty, Editor 

Video Credits:

Produced & Directed by Judith Guskin ♦ Camera: Tony Heriza, Lisa Siedenberg, Fiske Smith, John Cripe ♦ Still Photography: Dennie Eagleson and Judith Guskin ♦ Narration: Ken Del Conte ♦ Editors: Ed Armstrong and Dennis Gould ♦ Special Thanks To: Mark and Karen Carreno

Video Highlights: 

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Antioch College Antioch Review Covers

Like the College past and present, the Antioch Review celebrates originality. It acts as a cultural barometer, reading the changes in society. It supports intellectual risk-taking.  It discovers and nurtures young talent . . . And, it maintains a tradition of continuing excellence.

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

Fighting for Democracy
Fighting for Democracy

In 1941, concerned faculty members at Antioch College, fearing the growing power of Hitler wished to foster the ideals of democracy at that critical crossroads in history. Many Antioch students were joining the fight for democracy.

Professor George R. Geiger
Professor George R. Geiger (2m 07s)
faculty member and one of the founding editors

Geiger wanted the Review to rally intellectuals here and abroad.  He read from the first editorial published in the Review:

“He who does not now speak out assists in the degradation of the democratic doctrine as surely as the outright exponent of totalitarianism.  We do not propose to remain silent and it is our purpose to provide a forum for others who feel as we do . . .”

(See the full text of the first editorial here: http://review.antiochcollege.org/publishing-best-words-best-order-75-years)

Nolan Miller
Professor Nolan Miller (3m 21s)
Associate Editor

Professor Miller advised: “The very first poem, we ran, came from a man in the service . . . their (service men’s) need for literary express, the College had to meet . . . .

. . . . I will always remember the day I walked in to that group of young men…practically all of them were GIs, one of them was Richard Kaplan (the filmmaker) and the other was Rod Serling [the Twilight Zone])”

Soldiers coming home
Brave soldiers (3m 08s)

From the wreckage of war, came poems and stories written by GIs—binding their wounds with words.

The Antioch Review has printed many pieces and poems from solders including Richard Kaplan (filmmaker) and Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone).

Richard Kaplan
Richard Kaplan (filmmaker)

Rod Searling
Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone)
Taught at Antioch College
T. C. Boyle
Professor T. C. Boyle (5m 55s)

Professor Boyle:  “I used to decorate my walls with rejection slips.”

Boyle reads his piece “Hard Sell.”

Johnathan Galassi
Editor Jonathan Galssi (7m 30s)

Galssi discusses how reading the Review is one of the best ways to find talent.

Gordon Lish
Editor Gordon Lish (8m 38s)

Lish discusses how much he likes the originality of thought in the Antioch Review.

Nat Sobel
Literary Agent Nat Sobel (10m 22s)

Sobel admires the Review for supporting Poetry.

Mark Strand
Professor Mark Strand (11m 07s)

Strand, an Antioch College graduate and one of the most distinguished poets in America, discusses how he understands the difficulty of being a poet. 

Strands recites his poem, “Keeping Things Whole”.

Jane Hirshfield
Poet Jane Hirshfield (12m 12s)

Hirshfield shares: “Small magazines are essential to the writing life of this county because that is where the true conversation between all of us who write and read takes place.”

Hirshfield recites “In a Net of Blue and Gold”

David St. John
Professor David S. John (13m 48s)

St. John observed: “What has been consistently gratifying is that there has been remarkable work by young poets that basically people have never heard of. . . that’s the excitement, that’s the thrill—bringing in that new work into a magazine. . . 

Colette Inez
Poet Colette Inez (14m 41s)

Inez recites her poem, “Family Life”


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Robert S. Fogarty, Edtior
Editor Robert S. Fogarty (16m 36s)

Robert S. Fogarty, Editor, discusses the importance of an endowment for the Antioch Review.

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