: Spring 2019 :

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Puerto Rico Redux


Robert S. Fogarty,  “Friends and Relatives”
Read the editorial http://review.antiochcollege.org/friends-and-relatives


Ralph Keyes, Americano
Sheila Kohler, Dostoevsky
Kenneth King, Glut and Indigence (Art, Commerce & The Potlatch)
Jeffrey Meyers, Grigson's Sword


Paul Christensen, Where Dreams Refuse to Die
William J. Cobb, The Wall
Magie Dominic, On Waking in a Small Quiet Room
John C. Hampsey, Helena
Ed Falco, The Hat
Mishkat Bhattacharya, Shy As a Mountain
V. N. Alexander, Winter Flies
Ben Peled, Oz, My Brother
Dane F. Baylis, Day Labor
Ruthvika Rao, Salim Paanwala


Oscar Oswald, Shepherd's Song
C. Fausto Cabrera, License to Carry
Rex Wilder, Two Harbors
Joseph Harrison, Giotto in Padua
Joseph Harrison, The Agony of Cornelius Gurlitt
J. S. Westbrook, Problem Child
Jordan Smith, Soldier
Lindsay Remee Ahl, Everything in the Heart of Everything
Peter Marcus, Water Is Only Another Name for Time
Patty Seyburn, Everything Matters
Tony Trigilio, Love Poem, Hiding in the Basement

From Our Archives

Fred J. Greenstein, The President Who Led by Seeming Not To

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: “Elsa Cross, a Mexican Metaphysical Poet in Greece”

Book Reviews

Hermann Hesse: The Wanderer and His Shadow by Gunnar Decker, translated by Peter Lewis, Harvard University Press, 791 pp. First published as Hermann Hesse: Der Wanderer und sein Schatten, Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich, 2012

Little-Known Operas by Patrick Donnelly. Four Way Books

The Fat Sonnets by Samantha Zighelboim. Argos Books

Crude Angel by Suzanne Cleary. Bookmark Press

A Spell to Bless the Silence, Selected Poems by John Montague. Wake Forest University Press 


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