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Stalin Doesn't Live Here Anymore


Robert S. Fogarty,  “Sketches, Stories. Poems: And Then . . .”
Read the entire editorial here: http://review.antiochcollege.org/editorial-stalin-doesnt-live-here-anymore


Andrew Graham-Yooll, Norman di Giovanni, the Master’s Translator
         (See "In Memoriam Norman Thomas Di Giovanni [1933-2017] '55 Antioch College"
Patricia Foster, Worcester: Joe Stalin Is No Longer Here
Robert C. Conard, Introduction to Dürrenmatt’s “The Chess Player” and “Albert Einstein” A Lecture”
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, trans, R. C. Conard , The Chess Player: A Fragment
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, trans, R. C. Conard, Excerpt from Albert Einstein: A Lecture
Robert C. Conard, Introduction to Max Frisch . . .
Max Frisch, trans. R. C. Conard, Thou Shalt Make No Image (1946)
Max Frisch, trans. R. C. Conard, The Andorran Jew
Priscilla Long, Michael of Rhodes
Angela Brintlinger, Memento Mori: Strolling through the Cemetery with Chekhov
Angela Brintlinger, Vilya


Rick DeMarinis, Planning Ahead
Lily Tuck, Carl Schurz Park
Peter LaSalle, Snow, Debutantes, and 1967
Margaret Benbow, Simeon and Art Night
Ben Miller, Dunasaygrlomiplin
Anne Raeff, Maximiliano
Katherine Vaz, The Thief of Small Things


Corey Thrasher, Fragment of a Queen’s Face
Jim Daniels, Brief History of Detroit Rock, #1
Dmitri A. Pigrov, trans. S. Schuchat, from 1994 Anything
Dmitri A. Pigrov, trans. S. Schuchat, The Journey from Moscow to Perm . . .
Dmitri A. Pigrov, trans. S. Schuchat, Recalculating Time (1997)
Dmitri A. Pigrov, trans. S. Schuchat, Equilibrium (1997)
Mary Peelen, Periodic Table of the Elements
Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Waking Up with Jerry Sandusky
Virginia Smith Rice, Essential, Severed
David Lehman, Poem in the Manner of Virginia Woolf
James B. Nicola, Rachel Carson
John J. Trause, That Hyperlink Patch from the Past
Irving Feldman, Untitled
Dayv James-French, Emergency Room
Susan Elizabeth Howe, Postmodern Colorado
Miles Waggener, My Wife My Car My Color and Myself
Nathan Whiting, The Pristine Goose
Jacqueline Osherow, Tilia Cordata
Rebecca Baggett, Aphasia
Bruce Fleming, Poetry Class at the U.S. Naval Academy

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John Taylor, Poetry Today: “Poetry from the Garden: Discovering G. F. Dutton”
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