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Throughout history, the power of words have inspired us to “keep calm and carry on” in the best of times and in the worst moments.
We, at the Antioch Review, are very cognizant of the global and local crises. Our office manager’s beloved daughter is a nurse-practitioner/RN working on the front lines at a hospital that, like so many other medical facilities, is in urgent need of requisite personal protective equipment.
In these trying times, may we suggest that consideration be given to:
  • Reading to a medical provider or first responder who needs a mental breather—even if it is over the phone, computer, etc., because some of these heroes will not go home as they want to protect their family from potential transmission of the covid-19 virus
  • Reading to family who want a moment and modicum of normalcy
  • Reading to a friend whose hands are full
  • Reading to someone who just wants to close their eyes and escape into the lines of literature
  • Reading to appreciate the literary arts as these have uplifted us, offered us sanctuary, filled our minds (and often our hearts), opened our eyes, challenged our souls, and satisfied our spirits for eons.
Yes, we invite you and yours to “Keep Calm and Read On” as we all face a world that is rapidly changing and is quite challenging.
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