: Antioch Review Editor Robert S. Fogarty Recipient of the J. D. Dawson Award :

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JULY 2019

Antioch Review Editor Robert S. Fogarty
Recipient of the J.D. Dawson Award


Summer 1969Antioch College Reunion 2019[1] celebrated several generations of alumni with a special Golden Anniversary Dinner for the class of 1969[2]—the year of Woodstock, PBS was established, the Stonewall Riot occurred, the Apollo Moon Landing happened, the Beatles’ “Abbey Road" was released, Golda Meir became prime minister of Israel, Indira Gandhi was India’s prime minster, and the Summer ’69 Antioch Review[3] published poignant pieces on topics relevant today.


During reunion, awards that honor merit, excellence, service, brilliance, and more are presented to the distinguished and deserving. The J.D. Dawson award recognizes significant contributions to Antioch College by alumni or friends of Antioch.

Nominees for this award are persons who have contributed in a significant way to Antioch College or a program of Antioch College. Perhaps best-known for his involvement with the Co-op department, J.D. Dawson[4]’s entire career was dedicated to Antioch College. John Dudley Dawson came to Antioch College[5] as in the fall of 1924.  As a young graduate student from The Ohio State University, his original plan was to teach mathematics for a while then move on.  Dawson remained and as a result of his teachings, inspiring persona, and abilities to get things done, he became known as “Mr. Antioch.” Ann Bishop (Antioch ’59) wrote:

Such a seemingly simple thing, J.D. has believed and lived—yet so rare—that people grow through positive reinforcement and self-respect.  Beyond his obvious accomplishments, it is J.D.’s spirit of listening in order to understand, the intangible attitudes of interest and respect, that make him a great person.

And Irwin Inman (Antioch ’41), Editor Emeritus said of Dawson:

What is amazing are the virtues compounded in one man: dependability, goodwill toward all and personal interest in each, a finely embroidered concern for every threat of Antioch. J.D. Dawson’s personal qualities are something rare, to be treasured in this age of mass bureaucracy and anonymous, interchangeable parts.

This prestigious award is presented to those who have served Antioch College with distinction.  Barbara Esbin[6], Esq. (Antioch ’75) presented Dr. Fogarty the 2019 award.

Prepared Remarks of Barbara Esbin, Esq.
2019 Antioch College Alumni Association Awards
JD Dawson Award to Dr. Robert S. Fogarty, Editor, Antioch Review

Robert S. Fogarty, Editor, The Antioch ReviewI was delighted when the Alumni Board asked me to present the JD Dawson Award for support and service to the College to Dr. Robert S. Fogarty, the distinguished long-time editor of the Antioch Review.  The J.D. Dawson Award recognizes significant contributions to Antioch College by alumni or friends of Antioch.  It is given to persons who have contributed in a significant way to Antioch College or a program of Antioch College.  Perhaps best known for his involvement with the Co-op department, J.D. Dawson’s entire career was dedicated to Antioch College.

I  think it safe to say that the majority of Bob Fogarty’s career has been committed to Antioch College and the greater College community, starting in 1968 as an assistant professor of history, continuing now as John Dewey Professor Emeritus in the Humanities, and featuring over four decades as Editor of the Antioch Review, one of the longest continually published literary journals in the United States.

Regretfully, I did not study with Bob during my Antioch years.  I met him more recently on one of my visits to the campus during the “Closure Years” when the Alumni Board was, among other things, assisting in the design of the curriculum for the new Antioch.  I think we each felt an immediate affinity.  This was aided by our mutual esteem for John Ronsheim, Antioch Professor of Music Emeritus, very dry Martinis – up, no ice – and our belief in the centrality of the study of the humanities in a liberal arts institution.  Over the years, I have gotten to know Bob a bit better and have marveled at his ability to effortlessly weave references to intellectual and cultural history, literature, social movements and astute personal observations in answer to a single question.

Antioch College has long pointed to its affiliated institutions like WYSO, the Coretta Scott King Center and the Antioch Review in its efforts to attract students and financial support.  By keeping the Antioch Review in the forefront of its field since 1977, Bob has added immeasurably to the fame and reputation of the College in the larger academic and literary community.  He has mentored countless students and instilled in them a deep love of literature, poetry and the arts as well as a deep understanding of the human condition.  Bob has also overseen many co-op students at the Review, providing insights into both great writing and the business of running a literary review.  Most of all, Bob sets a standard for the Antioch community by fiercely defending freedom of speech and thought, and adhering staunchly to the view that the best antidote for disfavored speech is more speech.

Barbara Ebsin, Esq. (Antioch '75) presenting award to Robert S. Fogarty, PhDIn preparation of making these introductory remarks, I looked through some random correspondence we have had that I printed out and put in my “Fogarty” folder over the years, and came upon something that I hope Bob does not mind my sharing.  First, some context – it was 2010 and the Trustees were looking for a new President.  Bob’s name had been put forward, and he was explaining to me why he did not want to take it on.  Bob wrote:

“I am proud of the [Antioch Review], of the very fine students who attended and prospered (in part) because of Antioch.  I hope they find a solid president, that a pot of gold is unearthed on the campus and that a distinguished faculty is hired.” 

I think Bob has long been the “pot of gold” on the campus and that the “Antioch Adventure” continues today in large part to the dedication and hard work of Bob Fogarty.  I am proud to present the JD Dawson Award to Bob and pleased to turn the podium over to him.

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[6] https://www.linkedin.com/in/barbara-esbin-84073b1/


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