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Thanks to the support of readers, donors, and contributors like you, the Antioch Review is going strong. Supporters of the Antioch Review are a diverse group of readers, writers, and lovers of literature who, through their generous donations, help keep the Review publishing. In turn, this means support for hundreds of readers and writers of the finest fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in print today.

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  • A. Leon Higgenbotham

  • Leon E. Panetta

  • Mark Strand

  • Nolan Miller

  • Rod Serling

  • Sylvia Plath

And so many more.

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The Antioch Review has been publishing prominent and promising poets and authors for over 75 years!  (See 75th Year Part I and 75th Year Part 2). Supporters of the Antioch Review are a diverse group of readers, writers, and lovers of literature who, through generous donations, help keep the Review publishing the best words in the best order:  The finest fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in print today.

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