: Summer 2017 :

Big Bird Interviewed


Robert S. Fogarty,  “Summering”
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Francelia Butler and Samuel Pickering, Jr., Big Bird of Sesame Street: An Interview  ​(See information about the original issue: http://review.antiochcollege.org/fall-1979)
Jeffrey Myers, Paul Theroux: A Memoir
Steven Harvey, The Beloved Republic
John Bershof, M.D., FACS, Science Is Not Alternative Medicine
Andrew Menard, Cutting Edge
Kevin Honold, Light Discipline
Magie Dominic, The Fisherman and the Photograph


Paul Christensen, The New Jerusalem
Adam O’Fallon Price, Our Celebrity
Paul Farwell, Molasses
Bonnie Thompson, Social Detox


George David Clark, Muse
Daneen Wardrop, Gesture Drawing 1 (Form)
Zhang Zao, translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain, A Wildly Noble Glass of Water
Zhang Zao, translated by Fiona Sze-Lorrain, Nightview, New York
Rick Bursky, Night Comes Home After … Darkness
Wes Civilz, She and I
Mark Kraushaar, August
Frederico Garcia Lorca, translated by Sarah Arvio, The Gypsy Nun
Frederico Garcia Lorca, translated by Sarah Arvio, Ballad of the Black Sorrow
Frederico Garcia Lorca, translated by Sarah Arvio, Martyrdom of Santa Olalla
Ellen Cooney, In a Storm the Pilgrims …

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: “”A Heart on the Line’: The Poetry of Anthony Rudolf”
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David Battle; Caroll Spinney


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