: Summer 2015 :



Robert S. Fogarty, Shorts: A Contemporary History



Rick DeMarinis, Still Life
Peter LaSalle, Historical Cemetery: A Rhode Island Story
Alan Cheuse, A Jewish Story
Gordon Lish, My Napkin, It Fell
Joan Frank, The Taxis in Spain
Gary Gildner, Class Action
Laura Glen Louis, From the Museum of Found Things
Jeff P. Jones, Iceland
Risteard O’Keitinn, Killing Death
Carole Maso, Gravesend, Gardensong
Brian Van Reet, Communications Blackout
Laura Farmer, The Time Between Seasons



L A Johnson, Epistemology
Lise Goett, Dean of Instruction
Joseph Stanton, Visiting Almost Every Room in Edward  Gorey's West Wing
George Bradley, The Old Country
Steven Winn, Everything Humanly Possible
Leslie Adrienne Miller, The Summer Place
Lightsey Darst, [fragment: estate sale. somehow we got rid of almost all the figurines]
Raphael Dagold, Decimation Coda 4
David Wagoner, The Cut Rose
David Wagoner, The Latest Word of God
David Wagoner, The Last Dream


From Our Archives

Jorge Luis Borges, The Bribe, translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni


Et Cetera

John TaylorPoetry Today: Homelands, Adopted Homelands: Four New Polish Poets at Our Door