: Palindroning :

an excerpt by Patrick Moran


Palindroning (pàl'in‑dron'‑ing)

God saw I was a dog. Do geese see God?

Too hot to hoot, we panic in a pew. We

few, drawn onward, never odd or even,

drab as a fool aloof as a bard, live not on

evil, Reno loner. Lonely Tylenol nurses

run so many dynamos: evil did I dwell,

lewd I did live. Niagara O roar again,

“evil did I dwell, lewd I did live.” So

many dynamos nurses run lonely

Tylenol. Reno loner, live not on evil:

drab as a fool aloof as a bard, never odd

or even, drawn onward we few. We

panic in a pew, too hot to hoot. Do geese

see God? God saw I was a dog.