: Writer's Guidelines :


The best answer we can give on inquiries relating to what kind of material the ANTIOCH REVIEW uses is, “read the magazine.”  Look through a few representative issues for an idea of subjects, treatment, lengths of articles, and stories we have used; it will be far more rewarding than any theories we might try to formulate.

Unfortunately, we cannot honor requests for free sample copies.  The REVIEW is expensive to produce and operates on a precarious financial margin.  If copies are not available at your local newsstand or library, we will be happy to send you a back issue for $7.00, which includes postage and handling.

Please note that we do not consider electronic submissions. While we discourage simultaneous submission, if you are submitting a piece of writing that you are sending us to other publications as well, please indicate this in your cover letter and let us know immediately if it is accepted elsewhere.

Review the section below on style, lengths, and payment for more information about submissions.



Our audience is made up of educated citizens, often professional people, who are interested in matters beyond their fields of special activity.  With few exceptions, our subjects cover most of the range of social science and humanities.  Our approach tries to steer a middle course between scholars speaking exclusively to other scholars in their field, and workaday journalists appealing to a broad popular audience; both these approaches have their own journals and audiences.  We try for the interpretive essay on a topic of current importance, drawing on scholarly materials for its substance and appealing to the intellectual and social concerns of our readers.  We are also interested in reviving the moribund art of literary journalism.

We DO NOT accept essay submissions between June 1 and September 1. Submissions received during this period will be returned unread (if SASE enclosed) or discarded.



We seldom publish more than three short stories in each issue.  Although the new writer as well as the previously published author is welcome, it is the story that counts, a story worthy of the serious attention of the intelligent reader, a story that is compelling, written with distinction.  Only rarely do we publish translations of well known or new foreign writers; a chapter of a novel is welcome only if it can be read complete in itself as a short story.

We DO NOT accept fiction submissions between June 1 and September 1. Submissions received during this period will be returned unread (if SASE enclosed) or discarded.



Like fiction, we get far more poetry than we can possibly accept, and the competition is keen.  Here, where form and content are so inseparable and reaction is so personal, it is difficult to state requirements or limitations.  Studying recent issues of the REVIEW should be helpful.  No “light” or inspirational verse.  Any poetry received without a self addressed stamped envelope will be discarded if rejected and no notice will be sent. No need to enclose a post card for the purpose of acknowledging receipt of a submission. Do not mix poetry and prose in the same envelope. Please submit three to six poems at one time.

We DO NOT accept poetry submissions between May 1 and September 1. Submissions received during this period will be returned unread (if SASE enclosed) or discarded.



We do not publish unsolicited book reviews and very seldom do we publish essays on literary problems or the canons of significant contemporary writers.  The editors and their associates regularly prepare a section of short book evaluations, selectively treating recent publications.



Our literary standards are as high as we can enforce them; we do not have the staff to engage in major editorial rewriting, except on rare occasions when the content justifies the effort.

Actually, we have no rigid expectations of length, preferring the content and treatment to determine size.  Rarely, however, do we use articles or stories over 5,000 words—and 8,000 at the outside limit.

Please address your submission to FICTION EDITOR, NONFICTION EDITOR, or POETRY EDITOR, as appropriate. We DO NOT read domestic submissions that aren’t accompanied by an SASE.  International submissions must include either an SASE or an International Reply Coupon (IRC).  If an IRC is unavailable, an email response can be requested.  Note: email responses are ONLY an option for international submissions. While material read by the ANTIOCH REVIEW is seriously considered, we cannot comment on each rejection.

Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced on one side of white, 8.5 x 11 paper.  Please spare the editors the task of reading dirty Xerox copies or pages with excessive inter-linear corrections and revisions.  We also prefer manuscripts to be mailed flat, fastened by paper clip only, and one at a time, except for poetry.  Please note the type of submission — FICTION, NONFICTION, or POETRY —  on the envelope, and do not mix prose and poetry in the same envelope.

We try to report on manuscripts as quickly as possible, the process can sometimes take up to four to six months.  We acknowledge receipt of a manuscript only if it is accompanied by a return postcard for that purpose. We appreciate your patience.

Payment is upon printed publication at the rate of $20.00 per printed page (about 425 words) plus 2 copies of the issue.  Authors may buy additional copies at an authors’ discount off the cover price.