: Friends and Relatives :

2019 Spring, Vol. 77, No. 2

Friends and Relatives

Puerto Rico ReduxWe open this number with some essays that have come together in a haphazard manner and by that I mean there was no planning on my part, but just the vagaries of publishing a magazine and our good fortune to have authors who think of us as a venue for their work. In short they appeared in these pages in the past and they may appear again. At the moment we are blessed to have a surfeit of submissions and struggle to respond to the incoming mail.   

Recently Poets and Writers queried us about our willingness to accept electronic submissions and I explained that an expected avalanche of such essays, stories and poetry would put us out of business since our staff was small (one person in the office, two long-time associates, plus a handful of volunteers) and we have a difficult time finding capable front-line readers to digest the slush. The local weather has not been helpful, with alternating days of rain, snow and grey skies that have cast a pall over our usually cherry surroundings keeping would-be readers at home absorbing our dreary political landscape on television.

Our lead essay is closer to home and complements our cover by David Battle, our longtime designer. A personal essay by Ralph Keyes, a one-time resident of Yellow Springs, whose “Puerto Rico Redux” takes him back to a time when we as “Americano” in a foreign land much in the news these days. Our other essays also return to historical figures, relatives, and writers we should all get to know, including some muses about genealogy closer to home, namely my own.

However we have much to be grateful for as you will see as you open our pages either in our print form or electronically (via JSTOR). We continue to have friends all over the world who appreciate our deep intellectual and literary pockets despite the difficult time that publishers are facing with assaults from both new media and the shaky economics of the publishing business. To our authors and readers we are indebted and for our part we slog on despite the weather.

Robert S. Fogarty, Editor 

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