: Old Things, Used Things :

Old Things, Used Things

I have always cherished old things, used things, things marked by the passage of time and human events.
—Henry Miller

What good is a wind-up clock? Who needs, any more, a Mead composition book, college ruled? What's the point of a dip pen? Why pack an abacus, if, indeed, you ever did pack an abacus? Why bother to make change when cash registers make change? Why learn to add when calculators add? Of what possible use is a box of stationery with matching envelopes, each requiring a postage stamp? Why bother with books, the kind made of pages you turn, when you've got a screen? Who needs a rake when you've got a leaf-blower? Who needs a work horse when you've got a tractor? Who needs a fiddle when your mp3 player can fiddle?

       What good are old things? Old technologies, old machines, old tools, old skills?