: Fall 2015 :

The Educated Heart


Robert S. Fogarty, The Educated Heart



Ihab Hassan, The Educated Heart: The Humanities in the Age of Marketing and Technology
Gordon Lish, Postcards
Kenneth A. McClane, Secrets
John Tytell, An Emotional Time Bomb: Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” at 60


Pia DeJong, The Bat House
Martin Pousson, Two-Headed Boy
John McManus, Betsy from Pike
Margaret Benbow, Simeon and the Rich Man


Priscilla Long, Old Things, Used Things
Jeffrey Meyers, Auden’s Brief Lives
Robert Hahn, The Faith Healer Father


Hailey Leithauser, Eminent Worm
Supritha Rajan, Ode to an Error
Paul Fisher, Linguistics for Beginners
Brad Johnson, Meeting Osama
Brad Johnson, Faithless and Virtue-less Night
Trey Moody, The Reader Is Always Right
Lance Larsen, Eighty Percent of All Shrunken Heads are Fakes
Fleda Brown, Packing Up the Books
Tom Chandler, My Commute
Arseny Tarkovsky, From nowhere at all …
Karen Kevorkian, The Mouth with the Gold Teeth About to Speak
Bruce Bond, The Bells of Prague

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