: Fall 2014 :

Word Trucks


Robert S. Fogarty, Word Trucks: You and I, This and That, Here and There


Thomas J. CottleAmerican Idol
Patricia FosterAwakening
Mark GustafsonBringing Blood to Trakl's Ghost
Jean Ross JusticeCharlotte, 1943
Amy TatkoHigh-School Junior, Age Forty-One


M. S. Coe, Sustainable Living
Jennifer CranfillThe Bride's War
Askold MelnyczukRecovering Virgins
Rose Rappoport MossWaking Under the Southern Cross
Mika SeifertGunnsteinn Gunnsteinsson
Hebe UhartHuman Beings are Radically Alone, translated by Maureen Shaugnessy


Mark Kraushaar,Graphology
LaWanda WaltersThe Danger of These Lines You Wrote
Eric WeinsteinHe Do the Police in Different Voices
J. KatesSchein: A Toast
Ravi ShankarOil Spill Flarf
Nick CourtrightI Give a Lesson in Plagiarism
Catherine PondIn the Duty-Free Shop
Jeffrey HerrickSignal to Noise
Jeffrey HerrickNorito
Hendrik SlegtenhorstA Little Strain Without Violins

From Our Archives

John Dewey, The Democratic Faith and Education

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today:“A Sense of Fun with Some Serious Stuff Thrown In”:The Poetry of Valérie Rouzeau