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: Winter 2014 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Generations: Passing the Torch


Robert S. Fogarty


Luis H. Francia,  José Rizal: A Man for All Generations
Steffan Hruby, New Age Atheist
Tomasz KamusellaThe Making of Modern Japan
Jeffrey Meyers, Portraits of a Terrorist: Dostoevsky, Conrad and Coetzee
Suruchi Mohan,Visitng Mother


Margaret Benbow, Joe Szabo and the Gypsy Bride
Rosellen Brown, Photographer's Light
Peter Gordon, The Water's Edge
Leon Rooke, The Historian


Martial, Two Poems, translated by Ranjit Bolt
Jane Satterfield, Last Dinner at Louie's with Levis
Peter Kavanagh, Surf or Turf
George David Clark, White Noise
Ralph Tejeda Wilson, Around Midnight
Lois Marie Harrod, And She Took the Heart
Craig Blais, Sonnet (with Language from Clothes Crumpled on My Floor)
Sharon Wang, Once, I Walked with a Man into a Field
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr., Pastoral
Pierre Reverdy, Live Flesh, translated by Frank O'Hara
Pierre Reverdy, The Line of Names and Figures, translated by Richard Howard
Charles Baudelaire, The Bad Glazier, translated by David Lehman

From Our Archives

Marvin Kitman, On Selling Out

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today:  A Panorama of Turkish Love Poetry: Birhan Keskin and other Contemporary Women Poets

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