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: Winter 2013 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Our Doppelganger Moment


Robert S. Fogarty, Our Doppelganger Moment


Marcia Cavell, Trains
Matthew Clark, Hunting Lions
Thomas J. Cottle, The Pilot Light
Bruce Fleming, Consider the Videocassette, or: Is Progress Possible?
Jeffrey Meyers, Hughes as War Poet
Anis Shivani, Good Muslims Versus Bad Muslims in Contemporary Literature


Paul Christensen, How Frank Died
Rick DeMarinis, The Harpoonist at Rest
Robert Ready, Night Fauna


Alex M. Frankel, Once Upon a Time in Monterey Hills
Alex M. Frankel, Once SoccerStud16 I Need to Leave This World Come Back as You
Sebastian Agudelo, Testimony
Valerie Wohlfeld, Narcissus and Echo
Richie Hofmann, Hyacinth
Richard Howard, A Report, Followed by a Remonstrance
Alison Powell, Elegy for the miner's Canary

From Our Archives

Carey McWilliams, The Color of America

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: Meeting up with Lorenzo Calogero in Florence

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