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: Winter 2008 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Peter LaSalle, What I Found Out About Her
Karl Zuelke, A Field of Gray Houses
Josef Hoben, trans. by Peter Blickle and Jaimy Gordon, Departure
Robert Burdette, Sweet The Five Eggs
Andrew Wingfield, Lily Pad


Maureen McCoy, Vickie’s Pour House: A Soldier’s Peace
Andrew Graham-Yooll, South Atlantic, 1982: A Forgotten War (Part II)
Robert A. Rosenstone, My Wife, Their Sister
Jason Warshof, Cafe Life in Jerusalem
William Jay Smith, A Winter Day in Suzdal
John Gamel, Hokum on the Rise: The Seventy Percent Solution


Brian Willems, Winter
Brady Rhoades, Cesar Vallejo is Dead
Valerie Wohlfeld, Wind
David Baker, Lightning, Then Rain
Stephen Burt, After Rain
Jim Daniels, Don Ho Esperanto
Arthur Vogelsang, Documentary
Elton Glaser, Dwarf in the Shade of a Eucalyptus
Elena Karina Byrne, Grace Fable
Ben Downing, Straws
John Rybicki, So Quiet Standing
Aimee Nezhukumatathil, When the Great Teacher Dies
K. A. Hays, The Way of All the Earth
James Longenbach , Turkey

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