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: Winter 2006 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Silver Bullet


Jan Pendleton, Boarders
Andrew Wright, The Complete Liar
Steven Carter, Chickens
F. D. Reeve, Mexican Chocolates
Gale Renée Walden, The Train
Tom House, Career Day
Joan Connor, The Landmark Hotel


Bruce Jackson, Silver Bullets
Irving Louis Horowitz, The Anglo-American Vision of Raymond Aron
Henry Van Dyke, The Red Shoes: Bobby Short in the South of France
William F. S. Miles, Letter from Ouagadougou


Richard Kenney, New Year, with Nipperkin
Andrew Allport, Meditation Ending With a Line from Celan
David Lehman, Poem in the Manner of Jorge Luis Borges
David Lehman, Poem in the Lusty Manner
Julianna McCarthy, The Annotated Dog
Julianna McCarthy, Cat Calls
Dawn Potter, Ethics, A Lament
Chris Forhan, Prayer Before Sleep
Alan Williamson, Greece in '68
Terry Brix, Pulp Town
Georges Godeau, tr. by Kathleen McGookey, Tortebresse
Michaela Carter, Demeter: A White Spring
Donald Platt, Spring Does Covers & Original Numbers

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