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: Winter 2005 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

The Body: Art or Artifice?


Andrew Porter, Connecticut
Valerie Laken, Covenant
Julie Rose, Stunt for Two
Brian Booker, Sequelæ
Lee Upton, You Know You've Made It When They Hate You
Lauren Acampora, Waterfast


Cynthia Lewis, Going Plastic in Costa Rica
Rebecca Emlinger Roberts, The Stripper: Victim Art and the Art of Suffering
Carolyn Kraus, A Parliament of Bastards
P. F. Kluge, Remembering Saipan
Nick Fowler, Bruce Jay Friedman: Making Sense of Entropy
Maurice Meilleur, John Dewey Redux


Annie Finch, Teasdale Dusk
Mong-Lan, Bangkok [neon lights]
Deborah Landau, The Distance from Which We See Ourselves
Megan Johnson, Through My Chest, Where Were You
Angie Estes, Apostrophe
Jessica Goodheart, Advice for a Stegosaurus
Lexi Rudnitsky, La Nueva Mexicana
Judith Harris, Hatpin
Bob Hicok, Stranger Than
David Lehman, The Old Constellation
Debora Greger, California Aubade
Reeve, F.D., The Blue Cat Contemplates Sex
Vern Rutsala, Lately
Suzanne Lummis, Everywhere I Go There I Am

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