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: Winter 2004 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

All Poetry Issue: What to Read, What to Praise


Eleanor Berry, Working Prosodies: Finding What WIll Suffice
Richard D. Cureton, Temporal Poetics: Rhythmic Process as Truth
David Caplan, Prosody after the Poetry Wars
David Caplan, A Conversation with Charles Bernstein
moderated by David Caplan, Does Prosody Have a Future?


Malinda Markham, To Translate the Shaking: Contemporary Japanese Women's Poetry...
Sandra Alcosser, Avant-gardist in the Forest
Shara McCallum, Eavan Boland's Gift: Sex, History, and Myth
Diana Engelman, "Speaking in Tongues":Exile and Internal Translation
Carol Moldaw, Frank Bidart's Poetry: The Substance of the Invisible
Bill Wadsworth, Genius as Pariah: The Life and Poems of George Barker
Jennifer Clarvoe, Vivamus, Vivamus: Living with Ovid's "Amores"
Susan Wheeler, Reading, Reading, and Anodyne Eclesticism: Word without World
Andrew Zawacki, "The break is not a break": Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and Poesis as Abiding Love


Aoyama Miyuki, translated by Malinda Markham, Nine Poems
David Baker, Pond
John Koethke, Poetry and the War
John Koethke, In the Dark
Amaranth Borsuk, Tomato Variations
David Lehman, Poem in the Manner of Marrianne Moor

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