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: Winter 2003 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

All Fiction Issue: The Bridge Playing Ladies


Patricia Lear, The Bridge Playing Ladies
William J. Cobb, The Queen of Fruit Cocktail
Leon Rooke, J. D.
Liza Ward, Outside Valentine
Kathryn Ma, What I Know Now
Jo McKendry, Uncle Gerard
Ellen Winter, Camp
Linnea Johnson, Forty Acres and a Pool
Karl Harshbarger, Big Joe
Stephanie Koven, The Events Leading Up to the Accident
Andrew Porter, Coyotes
Robert Solomon, The Great Wall of California


Jacqueline Osherow, At the Wailing Wall
Jacqueline Osherow, The Hoopoe's Crown
Jean Nordhaus, To Tell a Sorrow
Collette Inez, After Mamelch Leapt Out the Window...
David F. Chester, Mazel Tov
Carol Moldaw, Insomnia
Deborah Gorlin, True Nature
Marc Pietrzykowski, Dog, Cat, Man, Bird, Bear, Wind, Day
Daisy Fried, Neat Hair

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