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: Winter 2002 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Ethan Hauser, Basset Hounds and Saint Bernards
Valerie Ann Leff, The Flying Camel Spin
Brion Dulac, What I Was Thinking


Bruce Jackson, The Fate of Stories
Alphonso Lingis, Arouane
Andrew Graham-Yooll, Eugene O'Neill in Buenos Aires
Jay Martin, Journey to Heavenly Mountain
Kenneth A. McClane, Teachers
Helen Barolini, Paris in the Boondocks
Robert A. Rosenstone, To Leningrad
Stephen Jay Gould, Ground Zero


Matthew Brogan, The Boy's Handbook
Richard Howard, Further Echoes of the Late Lord Leighton
Donald Revell, My Trip
Stephen Malin, In Morning Fast
Susan Ludvigson, Christmas in the Officer's House
Pattiann Rogers, Generations
Pattiann Rogers, Into Their Own
Gray Jacobik, Surréalisme
Robert N. Watson, Advanced Placement English
B. Z. Niditch, Six
Rafael Campo, On Christmas Eve

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