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: Winter 2000 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Britain in Europe


William J. Cobb, There's Nothing the Matter with Gwen


S. J. D. Green, Letter from London: Britain in Europe
Clifford Geertz, Geiger at Antioch
Daniel Harris, Inside and Outside Our Machines
Thomas Larson, "In Spite of Everything": The Definitive Indefinite Anne Frank
Floyd Skloot, The Family Story
Jeanne Schinto, Shooting Blind


Lise Goett, The After-Season
Joseph Miller, Thou Swell
Chard deNiord, The Belle of Amherst
Valerie Wohlfeld, Nautilus
Valerie Wohlfeld, Beeyard
Allen Grossman, Flora's ABC
Allen Grossman, Elsie Young, Aged Pensioner, on Purgatory Mountain
Michael Collier, A Last Supper
Sarah Lindsay, Ice Hotel
Chris Volpe, Testament
Richard Howard, After 65

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