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: Winter 1999 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

The Admissions Officer


Ed Fisher, Cartoons: "Caprichos"
Peter LaSalle, The Admissions Officer
Sylvia Foley, Cloudland
Josie Milliken, Development
Terese Svoboda, Petrified Woman


Jeffrey Hammond, Milton at the Bat
Bruce Jackson, The Deceptive Anarchy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men
Lore Segal, The Gardners' Habitats
Josh Russell, "Winter on Fifth Avenue, New York"


Kate Lutzner, the situation of man and wife
Judith Taylor, Instructions to Her Next Husband
Nicole Cuddeback, Kiss on the Library Window
Alan Michael Parker, Work, the Vandals Say
Giovanni Malito, Resurrection
Preston Merchant, The Poor in Church
Oliver Rice, When the Story Breaks
Claire Malroux, translated by Marily Hacker, Untitled
Claire Malroux, translated by Marilyn Hacker, Untitled
Michael Blumenthal, Opus Posthumous
Andrew Zawacki, Agrapha
Beth Gylys, Family Reunion--Aunt Vern's Two Cents
Lia Purpura, Accident
Beth Simon, Before the Funeral, Still at the Home

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