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: Summer 2006 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

The End of Time


Kris Saknussemm, Time of the End
Edith Pearlman, Aunt Telephone
Bruce Jay Friedman, The Reversal
Rose Rappoport Moss, Spenser Street
S. G. Miller, Harborview
Scott Elliott, The Wheelbarrow Man
Robert Boyers, The Sister
Valerie Leff, Poison
Herbert Lobsenz, Boats of Mine a-Boating
Laura Furman, The Thief
Elizabeth Downs, Another Simple Encounter
Victor Ripp, Paris, July or August 1940


Sean Thomas Dougherty, Oberek for Etheridge Knight
Jeff Gundy, Interior Colloquy in Glen Helen
Daneen Wardrop, Phantom Limb
Cecily Parks, Early, Vicious, Obvious
Scott Dalgarno, Mea Culpa Mea
Dana Roeser, What Did the Children Know and When Did They Know It?
John Pleimann, Syllabic
David Lehman, Vertigo
Rebecca Dunham, Mrs. Stevens
Lightsey Darst, Tunnel
Kevin McFadden, Tomfoolery, Seventeen
Molly Bendall, Pass Up the Votives

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