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: Summer 2005 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

All Fiction: Eleven Stories


William J. Cobb, On the Decline of Sparrows
Edith Pearlman, Granski
Nicholas Montemarano, Man Throws Dog Out Window
Ronald Frame, Table 16
John Blair, Motorhead
Richard Burgin, The Urn
Adam Bagdasarian, Clay
Sandra Leong, Earthly Delights
Risteard O'Keitinn, Dogged
Nathan Oates, Nearby, the Edge of Europe
V. A. P'yetsukh, translated by Dinara Georgeoliani and Mark Halperin, The Men Went Out to Smoke


Leslie Adrienne Miller, Sonnet on the Interval During Which...
Valerie Wohlfeld, Fruit for the Fall
Rex Wilder, Pious
David Roderick, John Billington Meets Squanto
G. C. Waldrep, What Is a Bass?
S. Brady Tucker, The Karma Suite
Stacey Donovan, Just So You Know
Jim Daniels, Vitamins
Kathryn Starbuck, Direction
Jan Lee Ande, Sermon on Sex
Harriet Levin, Proprerty of the Gods
Beverly Burch, Shopping the L. L. Jubilation Catalog
Mike White, This Poem Is Dedicated
Julie Kane, Ode on Grimalkin Urns

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