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: Summer 2003 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Dreams and Dreaming


Trevanian, Waking to the Spirit Clock
Valerie Ann Leff, Angelita y Rafael
Matthew Love, Chest Pain
Jean Ross Justice, The Next to Last Line
Carolyn Osborn, The Weak Sister
Jeffrey M. Baker, Miss Mary Philpot
Edgar Brau, trans. Donald A Yates, The Forgotten God
Julio Ramón Riberyo, trans. John Penuel, The Wardrobe, Forefathers, and Death
Juan Jóse Milás, trans. Tobias Hecht, Other Persons


Audrey Borenstein, The Spy in the Citadel
Bruce Fleming, A Student's Guide to the Classics
Carolyn Kraus, Proteus
Robert A. Rosenstone, "Spaseeba," Tricky Dick! Research and the Cold War


Andrew Hudgins, His Imaginary Friend
Andrew Hudgins, Clouds
Andrew Hudgins, Beans
Andrew Hudgins, Cousin Marbury's Marvelous Bombs
Andrew Hudgins, Pacifist
William Logan, Noah
Ryan G. Van Cleave, Winter Fighting
Michael Spence, An Engineering Problem
Christopher Patton, Leaf Bee
Lewis Turco, Homophobia: The Fear of Homosexuality
Virgil Suárez, The Exile Speaks
Kelly McGuinness, Kanchanaburi
Lee Upton, Poem to the Novel

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