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: Summer 2002 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Leon Rooke, How to Write a Successful Short Story
James Purdy, Easy Street
Aris Fioretos, Release from Russia
Barbara Sutton, The Brotherhood of Healing
Scott Ely, Stalingrad
Peter LaSalle, Nocturne
Nancy Kern, Pranks
Kris Saknussemm, Faith and Lightning
Bruce Holbert, Funeral
Jan Pendleton, Truly Great People


T. Alan Broughton, Origins of Desire
Natasha Sajé, Leave No Trace
Jennifer Clarvoe, Counter-Amores I.2
Jennifer Clarvoe, After Words
Rafael Campo, Undetectable
Monique S. Ferrell, Sushi in Brooklyn: A Dedication to Walt Whiteman
Jack Conway, The Robert Lowell Memorial Bowling Trophy
Mike Chasar, The Farm
Jesse Lee Kercheval, My Summer Vacation
Katherine Coles, Anthropomorphism
Kevin Craft, In Lieu of an Ode
Joseph Harrison, View of Baltimore from Green Meadows Cemetery

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