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: Summer 2000 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Poetry in Two Thousand


Richard Howard and Marilyn Hacker, The Education of the Poet: A Colloquy
Michael S. Glaser and Lucille Clifton, I'd Like Not to Be a Stranger in the World


Brooks Haxton, Limits of the Literal, Fidelity of the Free
Pedro Serrano, Translating Amiri Baraka into Spanish
Andrew Zawacki, Accommodating Commodity: The Prose Poem
John Taylor, The "Tender Gesture" of Georges Perros and the Lessons of Contemporary French Poetry
Gray Jacobik, The Ecstatic Erotic Poetry of Pattiann Rogers
Diann Blakely, I've Got a Good Beat and You Can Write to It


Dante Alighieri, translated by W. S. Merwin, Purgatorio: Canto XIII
Killarney Clary, Untitled
Carl Phillips, The Leaves First
Henry Taylor, My Dear Sister Hannah,
Debora Greger, To a Watch Left in a Hotel Room
Bernard Welt, I stopped writing poetry...

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