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: Spring 2014 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Spring 2014


Robert S. Fogarty


Ralph KeyesThe People's Cowboy
Montgomery Ostrander, To Travel Alone: A 1935 Memoir
Ihab Hassan
Australia Ascending: In the Mirror of David Malouf
Andrew D. Cohen,  
A Look at the Lens
Gregory Orfalea,
Rose and the Four Sisters of Fate
Carolyn Osborn
The Galapagos: A Booby Tour
Kenneth King
The Esthetics of Mystery
Anna Journey,
Arthur Fonzerelli, Spirit Guide


Gordon Lish,  Für Whom?
Gary GildnerT
he Bach Suites
Valerie Leff
La Rebelle
Scott ElyBig Trees
Karen Laws,



Lia Purpura, Time; Proximities
Arthur Vogelsang,
Before 1901
Jacqueline Osherow,
Eclipses of the Moon
Irving Feldman,
Cathryn Essinger,
For the Birds
Kathleen Halme,
There was a Deer Whom the Carthean Nymphs Held Sacred
Eugene Mahon,


From Our Archives

Theodore Levitt, Futurism and Management


Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today:  The Passion and the Patience of Eugénio de Andrade

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