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: Spring 2013 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Robert S. Fogarty, Locals and Cosmopolitans: Who Are They?


Marilyn Moriarty, The Taking of Dead Horse Hollow: Eminent Domain Abuse
Heidi Koelz, Falsetto
David Lazar, Playing Ourselves: Pseudo-Documentary and Persona
Richard O'Mara, Brazil
Margaret Dawe, Maze


Margaret Benbow, Simeon Prophet and Johanna
A. G. Harmon, For Your Listening Pleasure
Gary Gildner, Beáta
Kathleen Ford, Quickening: Canada, 1915
Ellen Birkett Morris, Religion
S. P. Tenhoff, Maseru Casaba 9



Michael Chitwood, Want
Campbell McGrath, Picasso (1954)
Lightsey Darst, Audubon Society Field Guide to Disaster
Adam Scheffler, On the Discovery that Oleic Acid is the "Dead Smell;" of Ants
Shane Seely, Pre-School Race, Seen Through a Bus Window
Bill Christophersen, Keep the Home Fries Burning
Daniel Donaghy, Somerset
Rebecca Lehmann, American Dream (9), American Dream (10)
G. C. Waldrep, Untitled, Dido I
Laurence Werner David, Lights for a Single Face, translated by John Taylor
Hailey Leithauser, Inspiration
LaWanda Walters, My Life at the Convenience Store
James McKean, Physt, WA

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Harry Stone, "Araby" and the Writings of James Joyce

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John Taylor, Poetry Today

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