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: Spring 2011 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Illuminated Manuscripts & Other Enlightenments


Robert S. Fogarty


Julio Ramón Ribeyro, (trans. by John Penuel), Butterflies and Bugles
Nathan Oates, Looking for Service
Ben Loory, The Man Who Went to China  
Lucrecia Guerrero, Sisters
Zane Kotker, He Remembered His Life
Dennis Vannatta, All the Bums in Rockaway


Paul A. Kramer, The Importance of Being Turbaned
Ben Miller, Bob's Grocery
Efrem Sigel, Working the Census: Bringing a Family Back to Life
Julia Zarankin, Searching for Latin
Joseph Heathcott, One New Year's Eve in a Dying City
Nick Lyons, Detachment
Richard O'Mara, The Lion, Petey


Julie Lein, Epithalamium
Nicholas Samaras, Spiritual Bouquet
Michael Kriesel, Superboy Robots
Patrick Moran, Palindroning
Patrick Moran, Cunnilinghost
Leslie Harrison, [I keep throwing words at the problem because words]
Peter Mishler, Motel Poem
Ranjit Bolt, Lord Byron's Don Juan-- Completed
Jose-Flore Tappy, (trans. by John Taylor) Untitled I
Jose-Flore Tappy, (trans. by John Taylor) Untitled II
John Witte, Shiba Onko

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: Translating Swiss Poetry in Looren

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