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: Spring 2010 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous


Peter LaSalle, Lunch Across the Bridge
Mary Morris, The Interpreter
Carolyn Osborn, Distortions
Edith Pearlman Niche
Peter Gordon, Swaying Buildings
A. G. Harmon, Perfect Silence
Zane Kotker, Set Free in Florida: 1992


Paul Velde, Fear of the Sublime
Thomas J.Cottle, Our Thoughts and Our Prayers
Don Lago, Loren Eiseley's Remembrance of Things Past
Ben Miller, Mrs. V. and the Lessons of Obscurity 


William Virgil Davis, Home from the Factory
Hoyt Rogers, Sermon on the Air
Michael Rutherglen, Another Life
Michael Rutherglen, Keraunothnetophobia
Kimo Reder, American Geo-Poetic
Patty Seyburn, Romulus
Patty Seyburn, Roses, Chapter Four
Lia Purpura, Bike Ride with Hokusai Ending
Theodore Worozbyt, The Sea
Loren Graham, The Dilemma
Lightsey Darst, [Find/methods]
Sarah Kennedy, The Pictures of Arbella Stuart
Avery Slater, Chimera: a noblewoman's portrait
Avery Slater, Ulysses
Frederick Smock, Of Cavalcanti

From Our Archives

Leon E. Panetta, A Nation of Men . . . and Laws

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: Prague as a Poem:Vitezslav and Emil Hakl
Anis Shivani, Books: Cheever / Barthelme: Ovid of Ossining, Meet Hiding Man from Texas

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