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: Spring 2009 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Bruce Jay Friedman, The Savior
S. G. Miller, At the Top of the Hill on Water
Peter LaSalle, In the Southern Cone
Andrew Wingfield, Goodbye
Patricia Foster, A Meeting in the Garden
Ales Steger, trans. by Brian Henry, Doctor Benn’s astrolabe


Bruce Fleming, The Deep Springs College Cowboy Lunch
Jeffrey Meyers, Osborne’s Harem
Brian Jay Stanley, On Being Nothing
Joan Frank, In Search of Heated Agreement
Richard Kostelanetz, Letter to Arnold Rampersad about his Ralph Ellison Biography
Alan Cheuse, Two Oceans


Carolyn Stoloff, St. Valentine’s Eve
Malinda Markham, On Top of the Hill
Malinda Markham, Admit
Bruce Bond, Salt
Ann Keniston, Things Excised
K. Edwards Librarian, Song
David Lawrence, My Tooth
Ron De Maris, The Glove
Michael Meinhardt, Poetry
Roberta P. Feins, Moment Of, Moment After
Matthew Ladd, Coelacanth
Dorinda Wegener, Homestead
Dodie Meeks, Mary, Mary

From Our Archives

Paul M. Sweezy, The Decline of the Investment Banker

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