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: To Circe :

an excerpt by Richard Kenney

Not pig-
Like, quite, nor bleating,

Braying, mewling, really;
Neither, though, thoroughly

Not for a life of pure sensation
Per se,
But certainly a little freer of those cleansing agents

Applied to the topsoul
As to a porch stoop
With such Dutch zeal

As leaves all dream red-raw
And smarting. Duty! Horrid,
Over-wrought rat-

Tail file, drawn like a fiddle-
Bow across the faithless
Heartstrings .... How fatal

It'll feel, at the moment of choice,
Or how could we—Jesus!—
How could we breathe? Such joys

Rest As your paw on mine, my sweet cat, my erst-
While sorceress:

History's an open sewer,
I miss you, wer-

Whoofed again into the animal,
Life of a landstruck sailor man.

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