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: Spring 2007 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Nathan Oates, Hidden in the Trees
Henry Van Dyke, Collateral Damage
Mark Wisniewski, Straightaway
Constantin Parvulescu, Back to School
Jean Ross Justice, Miami, 1959


Jeffrey Meyers, The Literary Politics of the Nobel Prize
Alan Cheuse, Classics of the Future
G. T. Dempsey, Justice for Ernest Hemingway
Paul Devlin, Albert Murray at 90
Jack Matthews, Christopher Morley, Sentenced to Life
Robert Erwin, Uncas the Mohegan: No Little Dog of the English
Barbara Sjoholm, How the Wild Reindeer Was Tamed
Sebastian Knowles, Birkenau: The Place Where Irony Goes to Die


Paula Bohince, Acrostic: Mementos
Lisa Furmanski, Commandments
David Wagoner, Rara Avis
Yona Wallach, trans. by Jeff Friedman & Nati Zohar, Absalom
Dan Pagis, trans. by Jeff Friedman & Nathan Schwartz, Autobiography
Yehuda Amichai, trans. by Jeff Friedman & Nati Zohar, Binding
Stuart Friebert, Carpet Beetles
Liam Rector, After Attacks
Les Gottesman, Heidegger's AM
Tina Barr, Hour of the Cardinals
Elena Karina Byrne, Shakespeare's Concordance Where We Earned Our Names
Elena Karina Byrne, Dickinson's Concordance Forbidding Fruit
Richard Kenney, To Circe
Judith Taylor, For the Time Being
Dan Stryk, Meditation on David Teniers'

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