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: Spring 2003 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

In Search of Memory


Aimee Bender, The 20th-Century War Veterans Club
Rick DeMarinis, Dead Men
Karl Iagnemma, Kingdom, Order, Species
Steve Almond, What It's Like to Be a Man
Geoffrey Becker, Great American
Rob Yardumian, The Doorman
Carl Schiffman, Curly hanson Learns How to Eat
Viktor Sosnora, trans. by Dinara Georgeoliani & Mark Halperin, Short Prose about M. from "House of Days"


Floyd Sklott, Billy Gardner's Ground Out
Jeffrey Meyers, Mosaics: A Memoir of Childhood
Gordon List, Death and Language
Joseph W. Goetz, Is Nothing Sacred? The Eclipse of the Holy in Contemporary Christianity


Valerie Wohlfeld, The Cut Hair of Nuns
Juan Carlos Galeano, trans. by Angela Ball, Houses
Angela Ball, The Dress with Books on It is Too Small
Joanna Smith Rakoff, Trash
Arielle Greenberg, Sunday School
Arielle Greenberg, The Professor's Daughter
Eamon Grennan, Signifiers
Seamus Deane, After "Polderland" by Hendrik Marsman
Dick Johnson, The Partners
Alan Michael Parker, Whoosh
John Frazier, The Little Deer or Storm Brewing
James Magorian, Primavera
Paula McLain, Perfect Vertigo

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