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: Spring 2002 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Michael W. Thomas, Delfigo Street
Tom House, To My Former Mother, Mrs. Callahan
Victor Ripp, My Fabulous Baku Fortune


Taylor Stoehr, Angels and Devils: Live Theater and Dead
Paul Christensen, An Incident Far from Here
Lore Segal, Sexy and Her Sisters
Kent Maynard, An "Imagination of Order": The Suspicion of Structure in Anthropology and Poetry
Andrew Stark, Courage: A Mystery or Not?
Ramona Grey & Theodore Putterman, The Fiddler's Prerogative


Elizabeth Alexander, Emancipation
Tina Barr, Honey
Caroline Finkelstein, Liberty from Florence
Edward Hirsch, The Horizontal Line
Hédi Kaddour, tr. Marilyn Hacker, The Warm Shadow
Inman Majors, Bon Voyage
Will Esposito, Annulus
Joan Murray, The Tree
R. T. Smith, Small-Town Lawyer...

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