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: Spring 2000 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Unforgettable Characters


Jeannette Lander, translated by Lawrence Rosenwald, A Summer in the Week of Itke K.
Mary Helen Stefaniak, Believing Marina
Michelle Latiolais, Involution
Trevanian, The Apple Tree
Amy Stuber, When Lost
Dan Leone, Snow Angels


Oscar Mandel, Genius
Eamon Grennan, 18/3/96
Tory Dent, Hated
Marilyn Hacker, Long Island Railroad
Marilyn Hacker, Letter to Munnsville N. Y. from the rue de Turenne
Molly McQuade, Synchronized Swimming
Simeon Berry, Monody
David Lehman, May 26
David Lehman, June 4
David Lehman, October 5
Kevin McFadden, Printers' Bible

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