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: Spring 1999 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Essays: Personal & Political


Ed Fisher, Cartoons: "Caprichos"
Gordon List, Physis Versus Nomos Versus Storytime
Ron D. Byrd, Paradise
Jean Ross Justice, Night Thoughts


Bernard Knox, Premature Anti-Fascist
Andrew Graham-Yooll, J. D. Donleavy: An American in Exile
Leonard W. Levy, Freedom of Speech in Seventeenth-Century Thought
Sarah Ruden, Olive Schreiner in the New South Africa
Paul Christensen, In Praise of Bluffing


Kevin Prufer, Women and Maple Tree
Lance Larsen, Not Pastoral
Susan Hahn, Malignancy in Late May
Robert Murdock, I Created a Universe Once
Ned Balbo, Cycles of Catastrophe in Petrarch
Angie Ester, The Annunciation in the Initial R
Mike Løhre, Lion in an Easy Chair
Jennifer Franklin, Asylum Ophelia: Surrey, 1848
Jean Nordhaus, Paranoia
Christian Nagle, On Her Birthday, 1536
Malcolm Farley, Just Before Bed

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