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: Spring 2012 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Peripatetic: An Editorial Riff


Robert S. Fogarty, Peripatetic: An Editorial Riff


Patricia Foster, Broken Parts
Peter Stine, Detroit Wrecks, 1982
Lore Segal, The Exes in My Life
Frederic Will, Cambodian Journal, 2010
Maraya Cornell, Landslides
Mark GustafsonTranströmer and the Badger


Peter LaSalle, Night Bus
Rick DeMarinis, Guido's Tale: The Job
Maura Stanton, Bringing Up Baby
Jan Pendleton, Eleven


Warren Slesinger, Shirt
Frannie Lindsay, The Thin House
Kirsten Kaschock, Windowright
Peter Kline, Lines for Robinson Jeffers at Carmel Point
Sinead Morrissey, Baltimore
Rick Bursky, The Cairn
John Hennessy, Fast
Nathan Clum, Made from Nothing
Betsy Brown, Abandon

From Our Archives

Emile Capouya, In the Sparrow Hills

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: Discovering Benjamin Fondane

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