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: Fall 2011 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Sowing Words for 70 Years


Robert S. Fogarty, The Antioch Review at Seventy -- "Going Forward"


Aimee Bender, The 20th-Century War Veteran Club
Rick DeMarinis, Odessa
Gordon Lish, Physis Versus Nomos
Lee Montgomery, The Things Between Us
Risteard O'Keitinn, Dogged
Nathan Oates,The Empty House
Edith Pearlman, Aunt Telephone
Benjamin Percy, In the Rough
Julio Ramón Ribeyro, trans. by John Penuel, Miss Fabiola
Leon Rooke, How to Write a Successful Short Story
Melanie Rae Thon, Tu B'Shavat: faor the Drowned and the Saved
Uwe Timm, trans. by Robert C. Conard, The Coat
Katherine Vaz, East Bay Grease


Daniel Bell, Ethics and Evil: Frameworks for Twenty-First Century Culture
Bruce Fleming, The Deep Springs College Cowboy Lunch
Robert S. Fogarty, Memoirs True and False
Clifford Geertz, Young Man Geertz: A Senior Paper
WIlliam Giraldi, The Physics of Speed
Stephen Jay Gould, Ground Zero
Judith Hall, What to Read, What to Praise
Daniel Harris, Celebrity Deaths
Neil MacGregor, A Pentecost in Trafalgar Square
Kenneth A. McClane, Driving
Maureen McCoy, Vickie's Pour House: A Soldier's Peace
Sallie Tisdale, Twitchy


Elizabeth Alexander, Emancipation
Eavan Boland, Is It Still the Same
Lucille Clifton, i take my glasses off
Alice Fulton, Call Me You-Boat
Terrance Hayes , A Small Novel
David Huerta, Index, translated by Mark Schafer
Mieczyslaw Jastrun, Wall, translated by Jeff Friedman and Dzvinia Orlowsky
Hedi Kaddour, The Warm Shadow, translated by Marilyn Hacker
Richard Kenney, New Year, with Nipperkin
David Lehman, The Old Constellation
Federico Garcia Lorca, Lola, translated by Ralph Angel
Amit Majmudar, By Accident
Aoyama Miuki, Hollyhocks, translated by Malinda Markham
Mong-Lan, Bangkok [neon lights]
Jacqueline Osherow, At the Wailing Wall
F. D. Reeve, Violets in a Pewter Vase
Tomaz Salamun, The Huge White Creature, translated by Brian Henry
Ntozake Shange, The Lizard Series I
Peter Jay Shippy, Daphnis and Chloe
Gerald Stern, Against Whistling
David Wagoner, Rara Avis
G. C. Waldrep, What is a Bass
Susan Wheeler, Alzheimer's Rag
Ghassan Zaqtan, Everything as It Was, translated by Fady Joudah

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: Melvin Tolson

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