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: Fall 2007 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Trouble Spots: Argentina, Egypt, Zimbabwe


Edith Pearlman, Elder Jinks
Nathan Oates, The Empty House
Joseph Caldwell, The Pig
Patricia Foster, Food Wars
Sondra Spatt Olsen, When We Were Virgins


Andrew Graham-Yooll, South Atlantic, 1982: A Forgotten War (Part I)
Richard OMara, Zimbabwe: The Land of King Solomons Mines
Bruce Fleming, In the Brief Egyptian Spring
Thomas J. Cottle, Owl Story
Yannick Murphy, What It Means to Be Beautiful


Rane Arroyo, Sex in a Stolen Car
Alan Michael Parker, Cars Poetica
Kerri Webster, Keeper, Keeper
John Pursley III, [The Woman, in the Cemetery, Leans over the Headstone of a Child...]
Susan Andrews Grace, Skin's Edge
Chard deNiord, What Beauty Knows about Itself
KC Trommer, Mica
Tomaz Salamun, tr. by Brian Henry, Sisters
Tomaz Salamun, tr. by Brian Henry, The Huge White Creature
Peter Cooley, A Poem I Didn't Want to Write
David Huerta, tr. by Mark Schafer, Index
David Yezzi, At Jack's Barbershop

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