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: Fall 2006 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Memoirs True & False


Martha Bayles, The Angel of Diversity
Mauro Javier Cardenas, Our Baby Christ: Ecuador, 1987
Alan Cheuse, Thirty-Five Passages Over Water
Garnett Kilberg Cohen, Out of Ohio: The Truth About Truth
Melissa Delbridge, West Greene and River Bend: Gun and Bait
Patricia Foster, Sideswiped
John Gamel, Those Who Will Not be Healed
Robert Hahn, "Dark, Mad, Mortal": a Memoir of Exploration
Nick Lyons, Confessions of a Reluctant Publisher
Kenneth McClane, Driving
Maureen McCoy, 1957
Ben Miller, The Dark Art of Rhubarb
Lee Montgomery, The Things Between Us
Richard O'Mara, Cork Town
Dawn Potter, Aunt Virginia and the Car
William Jay Smith, Streetcar
David Wagner, trans. by Gerald Chapple, Nice German Guilt Feelings
Amit Majmudar, By Accident


Tomaz Salamun, Hell Blau
Tomaz Salamun, Good Morning
Christina Hutchins, Your mother he said
Jessica Lamb, Night Woods
Jessica Lamb, Denial of the Minor Poet's Petition for a Change of Stature
Jason Whitmarsh, Triolet
Jason Whitmarsh, Sonnet
Lance Larsen, Party Line
Seth Abramson, Self-Portrait in Shortwave
Michael Huff, Electricity, Translation, Problem of
Patrice de La Tour du Pin, tr. by Jennifer Grotz, Psalm 23
Cynthia Hogue, Psalm: Wakefulness

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