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: Fall 2005 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

An Imaginary Country


Peter LaSalle, Preseason: The Texas Football Dead
Bruce Jay Friedman, Neck and Neck
Joan Frank, Betting on Men
David Rogers, The Tie-Down
Stephen Taylor, Is Your Figure Less than Greek?


Andrew Gebhardt, Welcome to Minecxio
J. M. Tyree, The United Nations of Queens: The Undiscovered Borough
Kenneth A. McClane, Musicals
Paul Christensen, Burying the Dead
Thomas J. Cottle, Going Back to the Writing
Jeffrey Meyers, Whitman's Lives


Susan Snively, A Riff of Zoloft
Ron De Maris, Art Deco: Miami Beach
Peter Marcus, All Along the Charles River
Chris Gordon, Haiku
Elisabeth Murawski, Frightened by Italy
Sarah Arvio, Cross
Sarah Arvio, Lessons
Leon Weinmann, Exercises with Fermata
Bruce Smith, Self-Portrait with Horn
Federico Garcia Lorca, tr. by Ralph Angel, Lola
Jeremy Glazier, Directions for a Duel
Benjamin Paloff, Jonathan Edwards in the Old West
Alice Jones, Respite
Fredrick Zydek, Mother at the Piano

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