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: Fall 2004 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

The Writing Life: Envy and Editing


Ethan Hauser, The Charm of the Highway Median
Chieh Chieng, The Failure of the Maginot Line
James Jay Egan, In Pursuit
Kent Nelson, Public Trouble


Daniel Harris, The Writing Life: Envy and Editing
Ivan Gaskell, Costume, Period Rooms, and Donors: Dangerous Liaisons in the Art Museum
Pablo Medina, The Tampa Cubans and the Culture of Exile
Barbara J. Moore, Procrastination: A Modern Malaise
Virginia Haynes Redfield, Resurrection: A Memoir
Anis Shivani, The Shrinking of American Fiction
Perry Glasser, Hungry Like the Wolf: A Rock 'n Roll Memoir
John David Ebert, Film: The New Novel
Milton Ezrati, Just What Is It about Texas?


DC Berry, Beans
Daneen Wardrop, "The War Spirit at Home"
Dana Roeser, My Mother Is Magic
Ronald Wallace, Sick Jokes
Shara McCallum, Penelope
John Skoyles, Aisle 8
Sallie Tisdale, The Cadavers
Joshua McKinney, Gun
Emily Raabe, Rain Is Black and White, Like a Photograph
Walter R. Holland, Why I Am Not in the Ice Capades
Lightsey Darst, The Ship Leaving the Port ...

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