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: Fall 2003 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Circuses and Art Museums


Cathy Day, The Last Member of the Boela Tribe
Zdravka Evtimova, Blood of a Mole
Jeffery Renard Allen, Bread and the Land
David M. Lobenstine, Dissections
Rachel Cantor, Paige
Ed Allen, A Folish but Lovable Airport
Nathan Oates, Running Rapids
Sariah Dorbin, Shelter


Thomas J. Cottle, Final Concert
Dominic Smith, Salinger's "Nine Stories": Fifty Years Later
Daniel Green, Postmodern American Fiction
Neil MacGregor, "A Pentecost in Trafalgar Square"
John Walsh, Pictures, Tears, Lights, and Seats


Douglas Goetsch, Riding in the Buick
James Thomas Miller, The Yellow Hours: A Delta Song and Dance West
Vive Griffith, A Zebra Has Nothing to Do with Poetry
Charles Harper Webb, Plato Didn't Feel Like a Great Philosopher
Angie Ester, A History of Reality
Franny Key, Still Life with Jackie O
Rachel Richardson, Chain Gang
Debora Greger, Letter Stiffened by Whalebone
Megan Snyder-Camp, Sea Creatures of the Deep
Robert Farnsworth, Cardinal
Elizabeth Arnold, Fall, North Florida
John Drury, Coastal Warning Displays
Elizabeth Smither, Singing in the Rain

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