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: Fall 2001 :

It's All Fiction


Mary Helen Stefaniak, Arlo on the Fence
James Wallenstein, A Fan Despite Himself
Norma Rosen, The Orphan Lover
Jeffrey Renard Allen, Toilet Training
James Harms, Saw You See Me
Annie Saumont, tr. by Jeffrey Angles & Anne Ricart, Do You Spik French?
Alan Cheuse, A Brief Washington-Mount Vernon Chronology...
Steve Almond, Lincoln, Arisen
Josip Novakakovich, Night Guests


Angela Ball, The Pleasures of Postmoderism
Christopher Cessac, Monitory Letter to Thomas Merton from Belgia
Dorothy Barresi, Chronic
Cynthia Hogue, Stones
Agha Shadid Ali, In Marble
Kurt S. Olsson, Drinking with Li Po
William Logan, Ubi Sunt
Jeffrey Skinner, The School of Continuing Education
Peter J. Harris, Shapeshifter's Groove
Ntozake Shange, The Lizard Series I
Thorpe Moeckel, Landscape with Stomach Flu

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