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: Fall 2000 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Influential Encounters


Edith Pearlman, Skin Deep
Nancy Zafris, What I Learned about Auto Racing
Semon Strobos, Letter to the Editor
George Stolz, Dream of a Universal Language


Richard Stern, With Auden
Fred I. Greenstein, The Presidency of My Mind's Eye
Hazel Rowley, Richard Wright's Africa
Bert Cardullo, Autumn Interiors, or The Ladies Eve: Woody Allen's Ingmar Bergman Complex


Angela Ball, Our Tigers
Carolyn Ann Schirmbeck Campbell, Christmas Storm Blues
Wendy Barker, Tennis
David Baker, Summer Night, Riverside Drive
Eric Pankey, Dance Glyphs
Susan Wheeler, Rite Two
Lynn Melnick, Deception
Virginia Chase Sutton, Drunk
Sahar Tchaitchian, Anjinhos
Kenneth Rosen, To the Land of Milk and Honey
D. J. Renegade, Wednesday Poem
D. J. Renegade, Why the Caged Bird Blows
David Citino, Lady Di and Gianni Versace in Stores in Time for the Holidays
Dick Allen, Untitled

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